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What you should do to take care of your system

Follow these tips for keeping your septic system at its best.

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Get annual inspections

Install an effluent filter

Use less water

Be sure you know where your septic system is located and the steps in taking care of it. This includes annual inspections and pumping every 2 to 5 years to prevent solids from flowing into the drainfield and causing the field to fail.

Install a septic tank effluent filter, also referred to as an outlet filter baffle, to prevent solids from flowing into the system drainfield. Inspect this filter annually and clean it to prevent clogs and damage.

Reduce your usage of water by fixing leaks, avoiding partial laundry loads, running water-using appliances one at a time, and using water-saving faucets and shower heads to lengthen the system lifespan.

Direct water away

Keep vehicles off

Phosphate free detergent

Direct water from roofs and downspouts away from the tank and drainfield to prevent flooding of the system. This flooding keeps the system from operating properly and processing the effluent effectively.

Keep vehicles and equipment off of your tank and drainfield to prevent breakage or damage of pipes and potentially harmful soil compaction that prevents proper absorption of water.

Use phosphate free detergents to prevent algae problems in nearby bodies of water. You should also use laundry sheets instead of liquid softener.

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