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Find out what you should not do

Keep your septic system safe and efficient by not doing these things.

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Avoid garbage disposals

No additives

No water disposal

Using a garbage disposal can cause clogging and overflow of the drainfield. These disposals add minute particles of grease and solids into the system, which requires more frequent pumping.

Avoid using septic tank additives of "miracle" system cleaners. These can harm your system, cause clogs in your drainfield, and contaminate surface and ground water.

Don't dispose of large volumes of water from hot tubs, water softeners, or other systems into your septic system. Large volumes of water and chemicals can be harmful to good bacteria.

No solid waste disposal

No chemicals

Don't cover the drainfield

Never dispose of needles, baby wipes, diapers, cigarettes, condoms, coffee grounds, feminine products, or grease in your system. These cause clogs and back-ups.

Harsh chemicals such as drain cleaners, floor cleaner, and bleach can destroy the good bacteria in your septic system and cause water contamination.

Don’t place a deck, carport, deep-rooted plant, or other structure over your drainfield. This blocks access and prevents necessary oxygen from reaching the sewage to encourage breakdown.

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