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"Emptied septic tank. Gave advice on what items not to put down the garbage disposal. Service was quick and efficient. It was very knowledgeable and friendly. They were very punctual."

- Mary Gonalez-Hansen | 9-26-2005


"Needed our septic tank pumped ASAP. Used them before...top rated...they answered the phone. I really needed this done but they had a full schedule. Still, they worked to fit me in and came within one or two days of the call. Because I leave at 5:30 AM and the wife is home telecommuting in the morning, she had to deal with it. But it was easy squeeze. Tech backed in and because the wife was in the middle of a telecom, he ran the bill prior to pumping, (which was fine, I knew it would be 900 gallons based up the gurgling sounds coming up from the drains). She went back to work, he moved the cover and pumped away, and she tells me he was gone before she knew it. Very satisfied and appreciative of them working me in."

- Eric Hunter | 8-13-2014


"I called G & N Septic Service during a very rainy week after my septic system alarm kept sounding off every few hours. Once the alarm would go off, I would have to manually pump the ground water out of the tank and up to the drain field. I knew it was a busy week for all septic companies since after calling a few septic companies and trying to set up an appointment, I was told it would take at least a week by all of them. I then joined Angie's List and found G & N Septic Tank Service and placed a call that ended my septic week from h***.


G & N came to my house within two days to replace my risers and after investigating further they found that the job will be much more difficult because the way my system was originally built was not done correctly. They needed to re-do some pump plumbing and electrical work that will save me money and time in the future when it came to replacing my pump.


After getting the additional parts needed to fix my system correctly the next business day, they did the job in a timely matter at a price I was surprised with due to all the man hours involved. At one point, there was 5 people working on my system including the electricians. I decided to use G & N for all my septic needs, including manual inspections and servicing from this point forward and I highly recommend them to all my new Angie's List Friends."

- Michael Nielson | 3-11-2014


"It really went well. They came in, pumped the tank and there were no problems with the service. When setting up the appointment I told them it was not a rush and they were able to schedule me in less than 2 weeks from my call. They gave me a timeframe for the appointment and they informed me when they were running late due to traffic. I thought they did a good job."

- Scott Adkins | 9-24-2013


"Wow!! What an experience. The service tech (in this case the owner) showed up on time. Took the time to explain the what, where, how and why of the job. Was very patient with my questions and I had quite a few as this was the first time that I had to have this done. As I plan on putting in risers for the openings, he made sure that I knew what I had to do, the materials needed and the best way to do them. Very helpful, friendly. Continued to work while he was talking with me, which I appreciated. I had a wonderful experience and I highly recommend this company to anyone who needs their septic tank worked on. I will definitely use them again when the time comes."

- Roger Axline | 9-19-2013


"I was surprised to get an appointment the next day. My 750 gal tank was pumped and the problem was located. There was a block in the pipe from the house to the tank. The block was broken up and the water flowed freely again. I was able to make my medical appointment. I hope not to need this service again but will call them if ever needed. I am very happy to have chosen this company from Angie's List. I received a discount because I found them on this list."

- Judy T. Rogers | 12-20-2012


"I called G & N Septic Service and left a message on the answering machine. A representative called me back within an hour, but I wasn't able to make the call. I called G & N back and spoke with a really nice young lady about having my septic tank drained. The prices she quoted me were very reasonable and all was good. However, because of my really crazy work schedule we couldn't agree on a mutually acceptable time for a tech to come to my home and provide service. The representative was really professional and even provided me with a competitor's phone number who was able to work with my wacky schedule. I would definitely use G & N in the future and will be recommending them to friends.


I really appreciate professionalism and for me the representative from G & N Septic Tank Service was a consummate professional and nice to boot. I had a very good experience and would contact G & N in the future."

- Towela Nyirenda | 1-4-2013